Bonbons Bakery Coffee

We don't just sell any coffee. We wanted to make sure that our coffee offer was at least as good as our bakery offer!

Over 100 years of cafe experience

That's why we are the first bakery in Australia to use the Bonn Coffee brand. Combining over 100 years of cafe experience, Bonn Coffee is premium, high grade & exclusive 4 bean Arabica blend that creates a truly smooth & classic European taste - with just a dash of Robusta to finish the palate with strength & body. Best of all, Bonn is roasted fresh in Melbourne every week. This is a truly great coffee!

We also have a delicious range of Gourmet Coffees available at selected stores.

To find out which stores offer our gourmet coffee range please check our STORE LOCATOR PAGE. Stores marked with an * asterix are ones that offer our delicious gourmet coffee - examples of which you can see below.

You can also download our gourmet coffee brochure.

  • Bonnchino

    Chocolate, espresso, textured milk & choc shavings

  • Vanilla Bonn Bonn
    Vanilla Bonn Bonn

    Milk, espresso, vanilla syrup, whipped cream & chocolate shavings

  • Espresso Bonn Bonn
    Espresso Bonn Bonn

    Condensed milk & espresso

  • Vienna Coffee
    Vienna Coffee

    Long black, sweetened cream & chocolate shavings

  • Gourmet Mocha
    Gourmet Mocha

    Chocolate, espresso, milk, sweetened cream & chocolate shavings

  • Iced Mocha
    Iced Mocha

    Chocolate, espresso, ice, milk, ice-cream, sweetened cream & chocolate shavings

  • Iced Coffee
    Iced Coffee

    Espresso, milk, ice, ice-cream, sweetened cream & choc shavings

  • Iced Chocolate
    Iced Chocolate

    Chocolate, ice, milk, ice-cream, sweetened cream & chocolate shavings